Welcome to Arctic Wind

Arctic Wind is a quiet and comfortable place to stay in Vogar, Iceland.

Our motel is conveniently located, within a short driving distance to many places of interest: 18 minutes to the international Keflavik airport, 30 minutes to Reykjavik – the capital of Iceland, 12 minutes to the Blue Lagoon, 15 minutes to Grindavik.

A great deal of volcanic activity was occurring in the Reykjanes Peninsula in 2020 and into 2021. The Svartsengi volcanic system north of Grindavik had been dormant for around 780 years. The volcano is just a few kilometres west of Fagradalsfjall, which was dormant for 6,000 years before flaring to life in March 2021. The December 2023 eruption emerged around 2.5 miles away from Grindavík, but the January eruption saw lava pouring directly into the town.

You will find various services in the Town of Vogar and can enjoy a walk along the sea, watch the birdlife by Vogatjörn pond and the monument Íslands Hrafnistumenn by Erlingur Jónsson. There is also an excellent 9 hole golf course at Kálfatjörn, and one of the largest wooden churches in Iceland located nearby.

We would be pleased to welcome you to our Motel!